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Berg’s 50th Anniversary

Berg marks its 50th Year in Service

What started as a Canadian manufacturing company supporting the plastics industry has now become one of the biggest players in the industrial refrigeration space. Since 1973, Berg has designed, manufactured, installed, and serviced thousands of industrial thermal process control and refrigeration systems to companies worldwide. This year, Berg celebrates its 50th year in business, commemorating all the successes, accomplishments and the impact it has made in multiple industries across the globe.

A Message from Berg’s President, Donald Berggren

Over 50 years ago our founder, Lorne Berggren identified a need to provide additional support his valued customers at Mould-Tek Industries, which he founded in 1961. At the time, Mould-Tek’s focus was on supplying injection moulding machines to the Canadian Plastics industry.

He saw that his customers needed cooling to support their machines. This was the beginning of the Berg journey.

Berg was the product of a customer service need and that drive to help is deeply embedded in our DNA.

From the beginning, we looked at every project from the perspective of a custom solution; addressing the specific needs of the client rather than trying to fit an off-the-shelf standard offering. While our early solutions were relatively simple, our focus was always reliability and performance.

This vision led us to provide an expanded field service-oriented offering. Not only did we provide a design solution and then manufacture that solution, but we also identified the need to install and commission the cooling equipment to ensure proper function and performance. Soon Berg Service was providing after-sales support to ensure our clients were operating at peak performance. It wasn’t long before word got around that our customer centric “turnkey” business model was sought after not only in the plastics industry but across industrial processes in general.

Today we have Service Branches across the country and customers spread across 50 countries around the world.

I am grateful to be part of a company that has come such a long way in 50 years. It’s hard to believe that what started out as cooling solutions for the Canadian plastics industry has evolved into supplying sophisticated solutions such as: cooling for electron accelerators, and life support cooling and heating equipment for hyperbaric chambers on deep-sea dive ships, and Nasa space capsules while on the launch pad. We’re providing environmental mitigation equipment to capture flare gas at oil wells and cooling for irradiation sterilization equipment. The opportunities seem endless and motivate us every day.

I am so very proud of the people that make up our customer support teams; from our sales engineers who conceptualize solutions with our clients, to our design engineers and purchasing teams who provide the details and components for our manufacturing team. Packages are then fabricated and assembled; controls are programed, and the equipment is factory tested for quality control. Our Service teams then install, commission, and train our clients on operating the product and provide after-sales Service support.

To all our employees, customers and friends – I thank you for your continued commitment to Berg.

This is a wonderful time in our journey and it is very exciting to talk about what we’ve accomplished in our first 50 years….I can only imagine what the next 50 years will bring.

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Don Berggren, Berg President

Berg Through the Years

Take a walk down memory lane and check out some of Berg’s milestones and accomplishments throughout the years.

Cooling the World since 1973

As Berg celebrates its 50th year in business, Berg has been privileged to work with a diverse range of clients across various industries, from recreational ice and food & beverage to construction and technology. We reflect on the many notable projects and clients that have contributed to Berg's success over the years. Together, we can look forward to continuing to build on this legacy of excellence and innovation for many years to come.

GTUIT air-cooled packaged chiller

In 2020, Berg provided a comprehensive solution to capture and condition wellhead gas for GTUIT, a large and reputable gas processing company in Egypt by supplying an air-cooled packaged chiller. The system made use of R134a refrigerant and included features such as an alarm package, crancake pressure limiting controls, hot gas bypass, low ambient controls and an evaporator coolant circulation pump with refrigerant and electrical controls.

temperature control unit

Berg supplied a radio frequency quadrupole skid for a particle accelerator at a facility for rare isotope beams at Michigan State University in 2016. The package includes two ultra-clean water systems with deionization and UV polishing, temperature controls of up to +/- 0.1°C and accurate flow control. Berg's refrigeration experts also factory tested the temperature control units before delivery.

Gracious Living; custom-built cooling water pumping system

Through Berg’s custom-built cooling water pumping system, an Ontario-based plastics extrusion company named Gracious Living was able to cut energy costs by over $400,000 every year, and net a Save on Energy incentive of $478,000.

Berg: To the Moon we go!

Berg Chilling Systems is proud to be a part of Team Artemis. Artemis IV is a crewed mission planned by NASA as part of the Artemis program. The mission will involve a flyby of the Moon and will launch the Orion spacecraft with its crew on board into a trans-lunar trajectory, which will take them around the Moon and back to Earth. Playing a critical role in this cool project, Berg is building a skid-mounted process cooling solution for the Artemis IV to advance human space exploration.

Where will this journey take us next?