Our Mission: Improve our Clients’ Competitive Advantage

We do this through engineering and manufacturing custom industrial refrigeration systems. The things that get us out of bed in the morning are the things that keep our customers awake at night. We love to tackle challenging problems and find innovative, outside the box industrial chillers and solutions that save our customers time and money, and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Where you see ice rinks, air planes, produce or a gas station…
We see the chillers and industrial refrigeration systems that make all that possible

When you see an ice rink, we see the human interface of a precisely controlled system that includes industrial chillers, pumps and heat recovery equipment. The world wouldn’t be the same without temperature control.

Oil and gas extraction can be a costly and dirty business. Berg’s custom industrial refrigeration solutions increase profits and reduce the environmental impact of operations. A win for our clients and a win for the environment.

Our customers rely on us to keep the world’s food safe. Berg’s industrial process temperature control refrigeration solutions ensure proper food processing temperatures to maintain the cold chain and prevent spoilage.

Engineering Cold is The Big Idea

Berg Chilling Systems was founded in 1972 to build chillers and industrial cooling systems for primarily for the plastics industry.  Expansion over the years through natural growth and acquisitions has positioned us well in the global economy.  Today, we design, manufacture, install and service industrial thermal process control and refrigeration systems for clients in a broad range of industries and highly specialized applications around the world.

Our product range is as diverse as the global markets and industries we serve.  From our Toronto based facility, we custom design, manufacture, test and integrate a wide range of skid mounted and factory tested industrial process refrigeration equipment, mechanical packages and fluid pumping systems for ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Berg Chilling Systems SignBerg chilling solutions are developed in close partnership with our customers, ensuring engineered innovation that meets the economic and functional goals of their projects. This collaborative approach to doing business positions us as both a worldwide leader in solving complex application issues, and has consistently resulted in improved operational competitiveness for our customers.

We have provided hundreds of industrial refrigeration systems to customers in more than 50 countries in industries defined by transportation, chemical & petro-chemical, manufacturing, building & construction, food & beverage, national defence, natural resources, and recreational sports and more.


Berg Chilling Systems Inc. is a proud and active member of several associations in the industries we serve.