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The Berg Story

Our Core Values

Berg Chilling Systems industrial refrigeration system

Our Mission

Our mission is to help customers worldwide meet their goals by providing unmatched thermal energy management expertise and custom engineered industrial chilling systems.

Core Vision

Provide exceptional value to our customer through the supply and service of custom engineered industrial process temperature control solutions.

Improve our Clients' Competitive Advantage

We do this through engineering and manufacturing custom industrial refrigeration systems. The things that get us out of bed in the morning are things that keep our customers awake at night. We love to tackle challenging problems and find innovative, outside the box industrial chillers and solutions that save our customers time and money, and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Where you see ice rinks, airplanes, factories, or gas stations, we see the chillers and industrial refrigeration systems that make all that possible.

Berg Ice Rink Chiller

When you see an ice rink, we see the human interface of a precisely controlled system. Berg’s industrial chillers, pumps and heat recovery equipment help keep ice rink refrigeration and temperature control at its finest.

Oil, gas, natural resource extraction and processing

Oil and gas extraction can be a costly and dirty business. Berg’s custom industrial refrigeration solutions increase profits and reduce the environmental impact of operations. A win for our clients and a win for the environment.

Food & Beverage Industrial refrigeration

Our customers rely on us to keep the world’s food safe. Berg’s industrial process temperature control refrigeration solutions ensure proper food processing temperatures to maintain the cold chain and prevent spoilage.

Engineering Cold is The Big Idea

Berg Chilling Systems Inc. was founded in 1973 to build chillers and industrial cooling systems primarily for the plastics industry. Expansion over the years through natural growth and acquisitions has positioned us well in the global economy. Since then, Berg has built an international reputation for designing, manufacturing installing, and servicing thousands of industrial thermal process control and industrial refrigeration systems to customers in more than 50 countries in industries defined by transportation, chemical & petrochemical, manufacturing, building & construction, food & beverage, national defence, natural resources, recreational sports and more.

Our product range is as diverse as the global markets and industries we serve. From our Toronto based, ISO 9001 certified facility, we custom design, manufacture, test and integrate a wide range of skid mounted and factory tested industrial process refrigeration equipment, mechanical packages and fluid pumping systems for ease of installation, reduced downtime, and to make sure the systems and services provided precisely meets all functional and economic requirements and challenges. We also do installation, training, start up and commissioning to make sure the system works exactly as designed.

Industrial refrigeration solutions

Berg chilling solutions are developed in close partnership with our customers. Our commitment to them begins with the sale - we invest in understanding their process to ensure that the custom engineered system we provide meets all their cooling application needs. We aim to provide value to our clients through our collaborative approach and producing engineered innovations that consistently deliver improved operational competitiveness. We assure that the industrial process chillers and cooling systems we provide are up to the exact specifications and standards our clients need.

We always put excellent customer service and satisfaction as our top priority. Our Technical Safety and Standards Authority certified Service Division and refrigeration experts are always here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days all year round for any of your service and maintenance needs anywhere in the world.



ISO ; International Organization for Standardization
TSSA Certified; Technical Standards and Safety Authority
Canadian Welding Bureau certification
CSA Group ; Canadian Standards Association