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For over 50 years, Berg Industrial Service has provided market support to industrial thermal process control systems worldwide. Visit Berg Industrial Service to learn more about the expert support services.

Berg Industrial Service is the only company authorized to provide warranty service to your Berg Chilling System.

Need help with your Berg system?
All Berg systems come with exemplary 24/7 after sales service and support.
For emergency service, call +1 416-755-2226

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One call meets all your refrigeration needs

  • Built-up refrigeration systems 
  • Turnkey construction & system retrofits 
  • Industrial, HVAC, government, institutional, engineering procurement construction (EPC) projects 
  • Seasonal start-up/shutdown 
  • Recovery services 
  • System service for natural and synthetic refrigerants including ammonia, C02, propane, CFCs, HFCS, and HFO
  • Compressor rebuilds for all makes & models 
  • System troubleshooting for any refrigerant type
  • Design and engineering 
  • Diagrams and documentation 
  • Project management 
  • Equipment sourcing and testing 
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Regular scheduling 
  • System optimization 
  • Pre-emptive upgrades
  • Comprehensive, flexible warranty programs 

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