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What to Look for in Your Refrigeration Maintenance Contract

What to Look for in Your Refrigeration Maintenance Contract

One question we hear often at Berg Industrial Service is what type of service agreement and packages we offer.

Firstly, it’s important to note that you have unique needs when it comes to your maintenance needs.

Secondly, you may require special servicing needs.

Ammonia System for an Ice Rink; canlan
Ammonia System for an Ice Rink

Some of the elements you can expect to find in your service agreements with us include:

1. Description of service

Simply put, this is what you can expect to receive from us each and every time we visit your facility.

It’s important to note that service is more than taking out tools and doing physical labour. It also includes things like:

A thorough description of services leaves no doubt when it comes to our responsibilities to you.

2. Scheduling

A detailed schedule is more than just planning weekly, monthly or bi-monthly visits (depending on your needs).

So when our team is servicing your industrial refrigeration installationyour team and system may still be working and in full operation.

That’s why we want to make sure we account for things like how much time we’ll spend at your facility during our visits.

Plus, your service agreement also dictates how much notice you’ll receive before our maintenance visit to agree on specific dates and times for our arrival.

That way, you’ll be able to plan and prepare your staff accordingly.

3. Responsibilities

You want to make sure your equipment is protected and maintained.

And we want to make sure we provide you with the level and quality of service you need.

That’s why in your service agreement, we’ll make sure everybody knows who is responsible for what.

For example:

By having this information written down and agreed upon helps with efficiency and productivity, both sides know what’s expected of them.

Refrigeration Journeyman Mechanic
Berg Refrigeration Maintenance Service

Why it’s important to have a service maintenance agreement

A proper service maintenance agreement eliminates the possibility of surprise or confusion.

It’s the document that sets the standard for the relationship and work to be done.

It’s sort of like the “You Are Here” mall directory.

Whenever anyone’s in doubt about what to expect or when, just refer back to the service maintenance agreement.

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