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Compressor Overhauls

Cost-Effective Screw Compressor Overhauls For Your System

Save money by purchasing a used refurbished screw compressor instead of a brand new unit. Berg Industrial Service can restore any compressor make or model. Overhauling an old, worn-out rotary screw compressor is a worthwhile and cost-effective alternative to replacing it outright with a new model.

Our Process

Our process begins by first determining the feasibility of the project. Then, we aim to complete any rotary screw compressor maintenance or overhaul project as quickly as possible without compromising performance and safety.

  • Removal and Shipping: Our experienced contractors will remove the screw compressor from its base. The unit shall be shipped to us, so we can overhaul it.
  • Overhauling: We'll ensure your rotary screw compressor is overhauled as quickly as possible and on the quoted price.
  • Return and Installation: Once the overhaul is complete, Berg will install and commission your unit ensuring it's in top shape.

In most instances, we are able to overhaul your rotary screw compressor. However, if we believe that replacing your unit is a more logical option than an overhaul, we'll advise you to do so.

Here at Berg, safety is our number one priority.

Each member of our safety certified service technician team uses a combination of skill, expertise, and best operating practices, so you can be assured that the services we provide are done in the safest and most efficient way possible. We follow all standard safety procedures at every step of the rotary screw compressor maintenance process by:

  • Ensuring all disconnects and lockouts are engaged properly
  • Making sure any trapped compressed air is safely vented
  • Consulting the parts and service manual at all times for guidance and best practices

Screw Compressor Rebuilds and Overhauls

Berg Chilling Systems has a standard inspection and replacement program that covers all of the fundamental elements of overhauling your unit.


  • Housing, rotors, suction non-return valves
  • Cleaning suction filters
  • Functional testing of position transmitters
  • Functional testing of oil flow switches
  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • Capacity and Vi solenoid valves and coils
  • Discharge ports and suction ports
  • Capacity and volume regulating slides


  • Axial bearing and radial bearing elements
  • Capacity slide valve springs, pistons, cylinders
  • O-rings
  • Gaskets
  • Seals and shaft seals
  • Securing bolts
  • Oil filter cartridges

Screw Compressors: All Makes and Models 

Our team of trained experts will be able to return your compressor of any make or model to a "like new" condition:

  • Allis Chalmbers
  • Dunham-Bush
  • FES (GEA)
  • Frick
  • Fuller
  • Howden
  • Kobe
  • Mycom
  • Ro Flow
  • Sabroe
  • Stal
  • Sullair
  • York

Berg Chilling Systems is committed to delivering reliable rotary screw compressor overhauls and maintenance when you need it.

Contact us today and a representative will get back to you shortly.

For immediate assistance, call:

Phone: +1 (416) 755-2226
Fax: +1 (416) 755-3874

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