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Skid Based Design

Berg industrial chiller solutions - it starts with a skid.  All of Berg Chilling Systems Inc.’s factory-built industrial refrigeration solutions are mounted on a rugged steel frame that is designed and manufactured specifically to meet your project’s needs.  This solid foundation acts as the basis for all our engineering, design and manufacturing decisions, and offers great advantage over traditional built onsite systems.

Five key factors ensure our Plug and Play solutions
are the best choice for your system:

  1. There is less time required from project kick-off to completion.
  2. Quality assurance testing is completed under design conditions before delivery, ensuring fewer issues during start-up and commissioning.
  3. Reduced installation time results in minimal operation interruption.
  4. Built in modularity results in ease of assembly, transportation, maintenance, and expansion.
  5. Lower overall project capital cost.

Manufacturing Standards

Rigid control means consistent quality, reliability and very few problems during installation