Water Cooled Chiller Packages

Berg Chilling Systems’ industrial water cooled chiller packages have a choice of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, scroll refrigeration compressors or screw refrigeration compressors with a double pump tank mounted with the chiller module, plus the advantage of being able to reclaim waste heat. All Berg water chiller systems are fully tested under actual load conditions before being shipped.

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Water Cooled Chiller Packages

Berg water cooled industrial refrigeration packages are used where:

  • Cooling tower water is available
  • Integral pumping is required
  • The inside air is either corrosive, extremely dusty or hot
  • Supplemental heating is of no benefit
  • The plant is air conditioned

These self-contained water-cooled industrial process cooling systems include both a water chiller and a double pump tank system for a complete industrial cooling solution.

This water cooled chiller comes pre-piped and pre-wired and requires a minimum of installation effort and occupies a small amount of floor space.

Berg Chilling Systems Inc. has a long history of delivering high quality and reliable industrial chiller packages for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Working with Berg allows you to benefit from our extensive experience acquired from hundreds of installations in all types of conditions all over the world.

Water Cooled Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Technical Specifications

  • Compressor (HP) 20 or more
  • Cooling capacity (Refrigeration tons) 15 or more
Semi Hermetic Compressor (WS)
  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor
  • Suction gas cooled motor
  • Suction and discharge stop valve
  • Step capacity control
  • Crankcase heater with current sensing relay
  • Suction and discharge pressure transmitter
  • High pressure switch
  • Hot gas capacity control
Open Type Compressor (WO)
  • Suction and discharge stop valve
  • Step capacity control
  • Drive coupling and C-flange adaptor/coupling guard
  • Suction and discharge pressure transmitter
  • Discharge high temperature cut-out
  • High pressure switch
  • Oil flow switch
  • Oil separator with 230 V / Single phase / 50 Hz heater
  • Oil heater current relay
  • TEFC motor certified for hazardous environments
  • Hot gas capacity control
Scroll Compressor – (WZ)
  • Suction gas cooled motor
  • Suction and discharge stop valve
  • High pressure switch
  • Crankcase heater with current sensing relay
  • Hot gas capacity control
Screw Compressor (WQ)
  • Suction gas cooled motor
  • Suction and discharge stop valve
  • Slide valve capacity control
  • Integral oil separator with heater and current sensing relay
  • Crankcase heater with current sensing relay
  • Suction and discharge pressure transmitter
  • High pressure switch
  • Hot gas capacity control


  • High efficiency copper brazed stainless steel plate construction
  • designed and constructed in accordance with ASME code
  • High efficiency shell and tube construction
  • Carbon steel shell (water side)
  • Copper tube with inner fin (refrigerant side)
  • Vessel designed and constructed in accordance with ASME code
*other materials of are construction available upon request

Water-Cooled Condenser

  • Heavy construction while maintaining maximum heat transfer
  • Steel shell on refrigerant side
  • Copper tubing with outer fin on water side
  • Removable heads for cleaning

Stainless Steel Tank

  • Baffled Stainless Steel type 304 Reservoir, 11 gauge
  • Reinforcement bands
  • Removable stainless steel cover
  • Overflow connection
  • Bottom drain connection with shut‑off valve
  • Automatic float operated water make‑up valve
  • Thermometer with well
  • Spare well opening
  • Closed cell flexible insulation nominal ½” thick applied to bottom and sides of tank

Centrifugal Pump Assembly

*Evaporator pumps circulate water from the hot well to the chiller and back to the cold well.  This provides a constant flow and pressure for stable operation, maximum efficiency and safety.

*Process pumps circulate water from the cold well to the process and back to hot well.  This flow may fluctuate without affecting the flow through the chiller.

*Optional combined standby pump, complete with valved header assembly is capable of acting as either the chiller or process pump if necessary to prevent any unnecessary shut-downs due to an operating pump fault.

Pump assembly includes:

  • Close coupled TEFC motor
  • non-overloading impeller
  • Cast iron volute
  • Brass shaft sleeve
  • Mechanical seal
  • Suction shut‑off valve
  • Discharge flow/shut‑off valve
  • Discharge check valve
  • Discharge pressure gauge

Reservoir Mixing Tank and Frame

  • Frame manufactured from heavy gauge structured steel tube with welded construction.
  • Tank models manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel.
  • Tank cover manufactured from stainless steel and supplied in sections for ease of removal and access ( Covers are optional ).
  • All tanks have baffled compartments if required.
  • Make-up float valve.
  • Tanks are structurally supported around top and sides as required.


  • 460 / 575 / 230 / 380 Volts        60 / 50 Hz
  • 120 / 240 Volt single phase control voltage
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Operating and fail lights
  • UL or CSA approved components

Central Control Electrical Panel

A custom electrical control panel allows one point hookup and may include:

  • HMI (Human Interface Device) touchscreens
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) communication systems
  • 24/7 alarm reporting to beepers or cell phones

Safety Controls

Tested under load conditions prior to shipment
All safety controls are factory set and checked

  • Freeze-up controls
  • High and low refrigerant pressure controls
  • Compressor motor overload protection
  • Tank low-level cutout (glycol units)
  • Oil pressure safety control
  • Refrigerant pressure relief valve

All pump starters, fuses, disconnect, control voltage transformer, run and fail lights, are housed in a common NEMA rated panel.

Central Thermostat Control System

This system is used to control the chiller units in a multiple central chilling system. The temperature controller is located at the Berg tank and senses the process water temperature. The process water temperature is maintained by cycling the chiller units.

Industrial Process Chiller Refrigeration Basic Cycle

As the heated process fluid passes over the evaporator some of the heat contained in the fluid (process chillers use water for the medium instead of air) is absorbed into it. The refrigerant inside the evaporator coil, originating from the condenser, has been metered causing a pressure drop of the refrigerant. The process of the metering of the refrigerant and resulting pressure drop causes the temperature of the refrigerant to drop. This causes the evaporator to be cooler than the air. As more warmer air passes over the evaporator coil the heat from the process fluid is absorbed into the coil and refrigerant, which is partially a liquid. This heat transfer, from the process fluid, to the coils, to the refrigerant, causes the refrigerant to boil and turn into a vapor. The vapor leaves the evaporator coil and is pulled towards the compressor. The vapor enters the compressor where it is compressed. This compression process raises the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant where it is discharged into the condenser coils. Again using water being pulled through the coils, another heat exchange process occurs. This time the heat picked up from the evaporator coils is rejected to the water. As the temperature of the refrigerant drops it once again becomes a liquid and is pumped back towards the metering device usually located near the evaporator coils where it will begin the process of absorbing heat from the evaporator all over again.
Custom Engineered

Berg engineers work with you to custom design the water cooled chiller package that will meet your economic and functional needs.

24/7 Technical & Service Support

Berg is available to you 24/7 for technical and service support.

Energy Efficient

All of Berg’s water cooled chiller packages come equipped with high system efficiency features.