Berg reports an innovative hybrid chiller combining a chiller and an air-blast fluid cooler provided a major plastics facility in Quebec with extraordinary water and energy savings. The customer’s initial requirement called for most of the load to be chilled water type cooling as the temperature requirement was stated to be within the range of 7°C to 25°C. After a thorough review and understanding of customer’s process, it was suggested to the client that most of the load could successfully operate at higher supply temperatures. The customer approached the process equipment supplier with this idea and they agreed to make a few small (no-charge) modifications to accommodate the suggestion. This simple suggestion resulted in the majority of the load being satisfied with ambient produced free-cooling rather than high horsepower mechanical cooling. The result was now only 22 percent of the load would require a chiller supplying mechanical cooling at 7°C while the balance could be satisfied with cooling at 30° to 35°C.

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