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Grant to fund feasibility study for multi-use facility in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE – There’s $75,000 added to the pot to make a multi-use sports facility a reality in Huntsville. On Friday evening, MPP Norm Miller officially congratulated the local organizations who’ve received a collaborative $75,000 Seed Grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to study the feasibility of building the new facility. The groups involved with the […]

On-site Flare Gas Capture Helps Meet Emissions Targets

In June of this year, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto held a summit meeting on a variety of topics. One area they discussed was climate change and, as a result of their meetings, a goal to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations by […]

New ice plant arrives at Huntsville Curling Club

On September 26, 2016 the new Berg ice plant package arrived at the Huntsville Curling Club to completely replace the Club’s aging ice plant. The Huntsville Curling Club is anxiously waiting for Berg Chilling Systems Inc. to start up the new equipment at the end of this month. This complete replacement of the old plant […]

Berg’s Chilling Technology Cuts Carbon

Refrigeration technology developed by Canada’s Berg Chilling Systems Inc. is ready to help oil and gas producers in Western Canada reduce carbon dioxide emissions from associated gas at the wellhead. See more at Lloydminster Source

Refrigeration system could help reduce flaring, generate revenue for western Canadian oil and gas producers

A Toronto-based company with a refrigeration technology that reduces greenhouse gases at oil gas well sites while recovering valuable natural gas liquids hopes to interest western Canadian producers, after deploying 30 systems in the Bakken oilfield in the United States. Read the full article at Enviroline News.

Toronto-based Berg Chilling Systems wants to freeze oilfield emissions

CALGARY — Don Berggren wants to freeze the amount of natural gas flaring that happens in the oilfield. Berggren is president of family-owned, Toronto-based Berg Chilling Systems, a company that designs and manufactures refrigeration units for a wide range of markets including hockey rinks, plastics plants and bakeries — to name a few. The oilfield, […]

Flaring natural gas is a waste. Time to cool it

Business News Network – Toronto-based, Berg Chilling Systems, recently partnered with a U.S. firm to develop technology that is diverting and storing natural gas that would otherwise be flared off at oil well sites and wasted. Don Berggren, president with Berg Chilling Systems joins BNN to explain more on his chilling technology. See the full […]

Food Engineering Magazine – Preserving Quality and Safety

As consumers demand food and beverage products made with fresher ingredients, refrigeration and freezing technology becomes more important. Berg’s Evis Buli is featured in this article. Read the full story at Food Engineering Magazine.

Food Engineering Magazine – The shift to natural cooling systems

Global warming is heavily debated in some circles, but governing bodies worldwide have declared it a reality, regardless of personal belief. For the past 30 years, regulatory agencies around the world have been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, beginning with the 1987 Montreal Protocol, which was the first globally supported legislation to reduce ozone-depleting […]

Ontario Export Awards 2015 Finalists Announced

The Ontario Export Awards is the province’s most prestigious program paying tribute to the innovative approaches and contributions of Ontario’s exporters.  Berg Chilling Sytesms is short listed in the category of Manufacturing & Resources (Small Manufacturer). See the full story at Canadian Manufacturing Daily. Visit to learn more about the awards.