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3 Emergency Precautions for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems [Infographic]
Emergency Precautions for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

The use of ammonia in industrial refrigeration systems is recommended for both performance and environmental reasons. However, ammonia is hazardous to the lungs, eyes, and skin due to its corrosive properties. For this reason, precautions must be taken to ensure safe handling and use in order to minimize potential spills, leaks or accidents. 

To ensure that workers are kept safe these three steps should be followed for ammonia emergency preparedness:

  1. Protective equipment, such as safety suits, glasses, and respiratory protection should all be easily accessible in an identifiable location. Each worker should know where to access this equipment as needed. 
  2. Ammonia safety support tools should always be kept on hand to aid in the use of safety equipment, when necessary.
  3. All employees should receive up-to-date training on the proper ammonia emergency preparedness procedures. Workers should also be familiar with maintenance, cleaning and inspection procedures of the ammonia refrigeration system. 

Print out this  Emergency Preparedness Checklist for reference.

Ammonia Systems Emergency Preparedness Infographic