Build In Place of an Ammonia Indoor Chilling System

Berg’s construction capabilities guarantee little to no interruptions to your operations, whether it’s in building a new solution, improving your chiller’s efficiency, or upgrading your refrigeration system.

Our collaborative client process ensures that we come up with the best solution for your facility. Berg’s goal is simple: to build systems that will help you successfully overcome your operational challenges.  

Berg’s build-in-place capabilities: Quick & Efficient  

Our build-in-place capabilities come with pre-tested components, allowing for a quick turnaroundOur certified refrigeration experts and service technicians are dedicated to build your ideal refrigeration system anytime and anywhere in the world. 

Build In Place Ammonia Chilling System

Your Competitive Advantage 

Our custom industrial refrigeration solutions are your competitive advantage. We design and construct a wide range of products including low-temperature chillerspumping systems, air handling systems, classified location (explosion-proof) chillers and pumping systems, environmental chambers, prefabricated mechanical rooms, rooftop refrigeration systems, and more. 

We also offer a wide range of services, including: 

To know more about our construction capabilities, contact a Berg sales engineer today.