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Custom-Designed R22 Replacement Ice Rink Refrigeration System | Hector Arena

Berg Chilling Systems Inc. specializes in the design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of industrial thermal process control systems. With a rich history spanning over five decades, we have consistently delivered cutting-edge thermal management solutions globally, encompassing pumping, chilling, freezing, and heating.

Our extensive expertise has enabled us to deliver tailored industrial refrigeration systems to customers across 50 countries. These systems cater to a diverse range of industries, including transportation, chemical & petrochemical, manufacturing, construction, food & beverage, national defense, natural resources, recreational sports, and many others.

Hockey Ice Rink Refrigeration System for Hector Arena
Hockey Ice Rink Refrigeration System

In 2022, Berg has participated in the R22 replacement project for Hector Arena by custom designing and supplying an air-cooled ice rink refrigeration system. This project aims to enhance the arena's environmental sustainability and operational efficiency while eliminating the use of the outdated R22 refrigerant.

The project encompassed the installation of a meticulously tailored ice rink refrigeration package for Hector Arena, featuring two dual-circuited, 80TR outdoor packaged air-cooled chillers utilizing the environmentally friendly Opteon XP10 (R513a) refrigerant, along with a remote air-cooled condenser and two efficient centrifugal brine pumps. This comprehensive upgrade has significantly elevated the ice rink's operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability, effectively addressing the arena's preexisting challenges and positioning it for a more environmentally responsible and reliable future.

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About Berg Chilling Systems

Berg custom designs, manufactures, installs, and services cost-effective chilling solutions for both synthetic and ammonia curling rink chillers and other recreational ice rinks. Berg’s refrigeration experts know chilling down to the core. Putting the customer’s challenges at the heart of every design, Berg sales engineers apply unmatched energy management experience to create built up or skid mounted systems using both ammonia and synthetic refrigerants.  

Berg is active in the recreational ice sector as well as the general industrial sector across Canada, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. We have the resources and abilities to build very sophisticated industrial process equipment skids, packages, and solutions, and to meet stringent design specifications. 

Wherever unique cooling needs exist, in multiple industries and in varying environments around the globe, clients trust Berg expertise. Contact us today to find out more