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Did You Know Labels Can Cause a Corrosion Issue?

Did You Know Labels Can Cause a Corrosion Issue?

Recently, a study was conducted which concluded that poor, old or substandard labeling on pipes and equipment can cause corrosion issues.

This study was commissioned by the US Chemical Safety Board, but it is very much applicable to the machines we service here at Berg Industrial Service.

What is corrosion?

Pipe corrosion

Pipe corrosion can take place in any industrial refrigeration installation, including cold room installers and ice rinks.

Corrosion is a natural process which causes the slow breakdown of materials (metals, mostly) via a chemical reaction.

Rust is the most common form of corrosion. When a pipe becomes rusty, it transforms the metal material into an oxide or salt.

As a result, the strength and structural integrity of the pipe are put at risk.

What could go wrong?

If labels aren’t installed correctly, the following items can seep between the them and the pipes on things like your rotary screw compressor:

Over time, this can create a major (and potentially hazardous) corrosion issue.

As a result, replacing the pipe may be necessary, which is a very costly expenditure.

How can we help?

Our highly skilled and safety trained team of technicians can inspect your pipes and make sure any and all labels are affixed correctly.

As a matter of fact, we offer a comprehensive labeling program which helps with important things like:

Contact us for more information about our labeling program.

The best labels for ammonia systems

ammonia chiller for ice rink
Ammonia Chiller for Ice Rink with proper labeling

Generally, two types of labels are used for ammonia-based systems:

Water can penetrate both types of labels if they aren’t applied or affixed by a trained professional.

Some things you can do in the meantime

As you perform regular service inspections and maintenance on the pipes in your facility, take extra time to account for:

Since you can’t see inside a pipe, a label is your first, last and only source of information regarding what’s inside.

So it has to be accurate and in perfect condition. No exceptions.

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Need help organizing your pipe labels?

Concerned your labels could cause expensive corrosion down the line?

Whatever the case may be, our team can identify and solve any pipe labeling issue for you. Ask to speak with one of our experts.

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