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How to Save Money on Hydro with Your Industrial Refrigeration System

How to Save Money on Hydro with Your Industrial Refrigeration System

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The rising cost of hydro combined with the Canadian government forcing companies like yours to reduce your hydro usage make it critically important to ensure your industrial refrigeration system is as efficient as possible.

Like any good business, you want yours to be as profitable as possible, while still enjoying efficient and reliable industrial refrigeration.

That way, your industrial refrigeration costs are as low as possible, while your system’s efficiency remains high.

To help you lower your hydro costs, the following are some of the many ways you can lower the hydro cost from of running your industrial refrigeration system.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

Nothing will make your industrial refrigeration system work better and for less cost than to have it installed correctly and maintained properly.
Like any other machine, your refrigeration system needs regular maintenance to ensure your system will:

That makes proper installation done by qualified and skilled professionals the best way to start saving money on hydro with your industrial refrigeration system.

Screw Compressor Overhauls

The screw compressor is one of the most important components of your industrial refrigeration system, and you need to ensure it is in peak operating condition to save money on hydro.

You can save a great deal of money on hydro when you have you pay professionals to overhaul the screw compressor in your industrial refrigeration system and make it run like new.

Instead of paying the high price for buying and installing a new screw compressor, you can lower your hydro costs a great deal by hiring professionals to overhaul your current system and give it all-new components where necessary.

Your old screw compressor will be just like it was when brand new, only more efficient.

Install Sequencing Controls

One of the best ways to ensure peak efficiency and lower your hydro costs, is to install automated sequencing controls that automatically adjust the compressors in your refrigeration system to meet the specific system needs at any time.

You won’t waste hydro by running your system harder than necessary, while ensuring plenty of system capacity remains for your peak usage times and periods.

Sequencing controls can make one or more of the compressors in your system operate at peak load, or have one or more run a peak loads.

Meanwhile others run at reduced loads to give you exactly the level of refrigeration needed at any given moment and no more.

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Use Variable Frequency Drives

A variable frequency drive gives you an incredible amount of control over your refrigeration system.

Installing them on your condenser fans allows you to vary control on lock in your system’s head pressure.

When installed on your industrial refrigeration system’s air unit evaporator fans, the fans operate much more quietly and efficiently, so that your customers and workers don’t get annoyed by your system.

That means your employees are more productive, and your customers are more likely to stay around longer.

Free Industrial Refrigeration System Estimates

When you need to ensure your industrial refrigeration system is operating at peak efficiency, while reducing your hydro usage and costs, you can get a free estimate from Berg Industrial Service.

An experienced and licensed professional can inspect your industrial refrigeration system and identify any problems and help you to make your system operate at its best and at a lower cost to you.