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How We Service Condensers

How We Service Condensers

Steven, a Senior Technician here at Berg Industrial Service has years of experience in all aspects of refrigeration repair for the most complex units imaginable.

However, he often calls himself a “highly paid janitor” because one of the most common service calls his team receives is for dirty condensers.

Roof mounted condenser with copper process piping
Roof mounted condenser with copper process piping

Why is that?

Most (but not all) condensers sit on the rooftops of cold room installations and ice rinks.

Every single day for years on end, they’re exposed all sorts of weather elements:

Not to mention things like dust and pollution.

Over time, thick layers of dirt and grease form atop the condenser.

As a result, they lose their ability to dissipate heat.

The importance of keeping condensers clean

Cleaning your condensers is crucial.

Keeping them that way is just as vital because it accomplishes a few things for your system.

A clean conderser

All of which are good and positive:

Lastly, a clean condenser will cool the industrial refrigeration installation building to its set-point much faster than a dirty one.

The unit won’t need to run as long, which reduces wear and tear on your screw compressors too.

More condenser maintenance services we provide

Your condensers are an expensive and important part of your system.

Having them cleaned and inspected every six months (or sooner if something is clogging the unit) is simply smart maintenance.

When you book preventative maintenance with us, we’ll perform the following services each time we visit your facility:

Cleaning and washing





Schedule your condenser maintenance today

Chances are your condenser is on the roof of your warehouse.

Since it’s away from your main working areas, it can sometimes be forgotten. That is, until something goes wrong.

Preventative condenser maintenance is much easier – and more affordable – to implement than emergency service repairs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Contact us and ask for a FREE estimate on condenser maintenance services today.