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Improve Industrial Refrigeration Safety in the Workplace [Infographic]
Avoiding trips slips and falls in the workplace

In any industrial refrigeration workplace, safety is of the utmost importance. Not only is ammonia a highly corrosive and health-hazardous gas which requires its own list of safety precautions, there are many common injuries that can occur in an industrial workplace environment. 

Chiller Safety: Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls

In Canada over 42,000 workers are injured annually due to fall incidents, according to data from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety CCOHS. Both slips and trips can occur from an unintended or unexpected change in the contact between the feet and the ground or walking surface. This fact shows that good housekeeping, flooring quality, selection of proper footwear, and appropriate pace of walking are critical for preventing fall incidents. 

3 Ways to avoid workplace accidents

  1. Keep Surfaces Clean - Good housekeeping is the first and most important part of preventing falls due to slips and trips. When proper housekeeping practices are ignored, other preventive measures such as installation of sophisticated flooring, specialty footwear or training on techniques of walking and safe falling will never be fully effective. A clean surface is the most basic part of avoiding a slip and fall accident. Ensure that chiller safety procedures are followed and that all areas surrounding the chiller are clean and dry.
  2. Upgrade Slippery Floors - Changing or modifying walking surfaces is another effective way to prevent slips and trips. A few ways to do this include: 
    • Recoating or replacing floors
    • Installing mats
    • Adding pressure-sensitive abrasive strips or abrasive-filled paint-on coating 
    • Metal or synthetic decking 
  3. Wear Appropriate Footwear - In an industrial refrigeration workplace where floors may be oily or wet or where workers spend considerable time outdoors, prevention of fall incidents should focus on selecting proper footwear. Each worker should wear closed-toed footwear with good tread in order to minimize the risk of a fall. 

Based on the Ministry of Labour’s recommendations, be aware of the following slip, trip and fall hazards in your workplace:

Worker and workplace safety is a top priority for Berg Chilling Systems. This is why we have created an infographic outlining safety procedures and precautions where industrial refrigeration systems are in use. Both employers and employees can benefit from referring to this print-out, which provides an overview of the key responsibilities each individual has when it comes to industrial refrigeration workplace safety and health for all.

Avoiding trips slips and falls infographic