Having the strictest standards in cooling is key to the prevention of foodborne illnesses caused by bacteria. Berg Chilling Systems can design, manufacture, install, and service refrigeration solutions that meet CFIA and other regulatory requirements. When it comes to process cooling for the food and beverage industry, ensuring the highest of standards, cooling practices and food safety are paramount. Berg aims to fill this need by offering the highest level of custom-engineered refrigeration equipment for different types of food and beverage systems. We work closely with clients, offering custom-designed chilling systems that will meet and exceed their standards and expectations.

Berg Chilling Systems installed a new ammonia refrigeration system that will be used to keep Pinty’s Delicious Foods‘ new spiral freezer at a temperature of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Berg installed 2 Mycom screw compressors (300hp and 400 hp), along with a new low-pressure recirculator package and a new evaporative condenser. The system capacity is 244 tons of refrigeration at -40 degrees Fahrenheit suction temperature.

For 40 years, Berg has provided industrial process temperature control solutions with chilling, pumping and freezing equipment to achieve proper food processing temperatures and maintain the cold chain to prevent spoilage.

Berg Chilling Systems provides innovative refrigeration technology solutions for many industries in Canada, including Food and Beverage, through design, manufacture, installation and service using both ammonia and synthetic refrigerants. Our sales engineers apply their years of energy management knowledge and expertise to understand each client’s cooling needs and challenges. For more information about how Berg Chilling Systems can assist you in the best food processing and cooling solutions, food quality and safety, or food and beverage refrigeration, contact us today.