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Staying Safe Around Anhydrous Ammonia Exposure

Staying Safe Around Anhydrous Ammonia Exposure

Industrial refrigeration uses many different types of chemicals and materials to aid in refrigeration.

One of the more popular types of refrigerants used in places such as ice rinks or ice manufacturing plants, is ammonia. More specifically, anhydrous ammonia.

Ammonia System for a municipal ice rink

What is anhydrous ammonia?

Liquid ammonia that is used in refrigeration systems is ammonia gas that has been compressed into a pure liquefied form, known as anhydrous ammonia.

Anhydrous ammonia is one of the most effective refrigerants, however, it is also one of the most dangerous.

Liquid ammonia is a clear fluid that evaporates quickly at room temperature, and a major ammonia spill poses a danger to the workplace because liquid ammonia evaporates quickly when exposed to air, which creates an explosive fire hazard.

How to protect your work environment when using anhydrous ammonia

Workplace safety should always be of the utmost importance when working with industrial refrigeration.

However, it can be difficult to figure out which safety measures to take for each refrigerant.

Berg is here to help.

Vapour gas detectors & anhydrous ammonia

Anyone with a registered refrigeration plant using ammonia as a refrigerant must have vapour gas detector sensors installed.

Gas sensors & anhydrous ammonia

When utilizing anhydrous ammonia as your refrigerant, it is also important to consider gas sensors.

Special considerations for gas sensors:

Common issues & how Berg can help

As with any system, issues are common, but with regular maintenance they can be kept in working order by correct placement and correct setting at action limits.

Our trained technicians can help you identify the conditions capable of damaging the sensor, and recommend how to eliminate with different compensations and preconditioning.

Are you taking care of your anhydrous ammonia system?

Contact us today to ensure your refrigeration system is being properly cared for, and schedule your routine maintenance.