Ammonia Recovery Unit (ARU)

  • Berg Chilling Systems Ammonia Recovery Unit
  • Berg Chilling Systems ammonia recovery unit system
  • Berg Chilling Systems Ammonia Recovery Unit
  • Berg Chilling Systems Ammonia Recovery Unit
  • Ammonia recovery unit with control panel view

Ammonia Recovery Unit (ARU)


End users and contractors can now remove ammonia from refrigeration systems knowing their health and safety are protected. Ammonia is an energy-efficient and cost-effective refrigerant but it needs to be properly handled when servicing your system. If ammonia finds its way into your facility’s atmosphere it is more than just a bad smell. It poses a threat to your primary operating concerns – the health and safety of your staff and your neighbours. Berg’s Ammonia Recovery Unit (ARU) meets that challenge head on.

Industries using ammonia-based refrigeration – such as food & beverage, cold storage, and recreational ice – recognize the need to eliminate poorly designed and unreliable jury-rigged recovery systems. Replacing them with Berg’s purpose-built ARU allows ammonia recovery with less risk of leak or accident during the process. With a Berg ARU in place, staff breathe easy when working near ammonia.


Berg presents our safety-critical Ammonia Recovery Unit (ARU)

  • Recovers and liquifies refrigeration ammonia for storage and returns stored ammonia to the refrigeration system, as needed
  • Processes up to 89.9 lbs of ammonia per hour
  • Portable design fits through standard production plant doorways
  • Touch screen HMI eases and speeds operation
  • Rugged, factory-tested industrial design
  • Safety and performance built-in with PLC controls, and properly selected components and fittings for your operation
  • Open-type reciprocating compressor provides years of worry-free operation
  • Operates in any industrial environment, and draws only 30 amps at 230 volt, 1 phase power supply
  • 25 feet of power cord with integrated rack for easy hook up and storage
  • Ideal for large refrigeration plants and contractors
  • It’s a Berg, which means it is built to take a beating

Berg Chilling Systems Ammonia Recovery Unit


Berg Ammonia Recovery Unit


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