Temperature Control Units (TCU)

Temperature control plays an important role in many applications. It is listed as one of the Top Ten Challenges Facing Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chains and as one of the top causes for food losses and waste. It is also crucial in control test facilities, research laboratories and sanitary grade systems. In all of these cases, temperature overshoots, temperature instability and compliance to critical temperature limits are three most common problems that need to be prevented.

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photo of Michigan State University's Berg TCU
photo of Michigan State University's Berg TCU
Temperature Control Units (TCU)

Berg custom designs, engineers, and manufactures precision temperature control systems in collaboration with our customers to meet the unique needs of their applications. All our temperature control units come standard with a wide range of performance and reliability features, including an advanced soft touch control panel for easy, intuitive operation.

Plus, Berg can customize your temperature control unit with pre-engineered options or design fully custom temperature control units for your special application.

Features and benefits

Berg Temperature Control Units are packed with high-quality features that make it easy to operate, ensure consistent water temperature, and operate reliably for years.

  • 2 Stainless steel automatic control valves, basic tuning and fine tuning, variable speed, magnetic bearing pump, magnetic drive
  • PLC control with HMI touchscreen and integration to customer control system
  • Design everything to work for a high range of applications
  • Flow rates, temperatures, high precision, control
  • Two identical systems supplied
  • Ultra-clean water system with deionization and UV polishing
  • Temperature control to +/- 0.1 ˚C
  • Accurate flow control


  • 460 / 575 / 230 / 380 Volts 60 / 50 Hz
  • 120 Volt single phase control voltage
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Operating and fail lights
  • UL or CSA Approved Components

Multi zone water / fluid temperature control array unit with a multi functionally electronic programmable logic controller.

Pre-engineered Options

  • Motorized, modulating ball valve
  • Process water air purge
  • Closed-circuit design with heat exchanger
  • Pressure gauges dual zone configuration
  • 36kW, 48kW, and 60kW units
  • Nonferrous coating on castings

For your specialized temperature control unit needs, our experienced staff of sales engineers can help you with equipment design and modification.

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Custom Engineered

Berg engineers work with you to custom design the temperature control unit that will meet your economic and functional needs.

24/7 Technical & Service Support

Berg is available to you 24/7 for technical and service support.

Energy Efficient

All of Berg’s temperature control units come equipped with high system efficiency features.