Shell Ice Manufacturing Facility

Berg Chilling Systems Inc. provides complete solutions for batch food chilling, concrete cooling, and fishing/produce industries. Ice plants are designed to suit your requirements, from a saltwater cooling medium, pumps, pipes, heat exchangers and condensers would all be selected to accommodate the environmental conditions. Remote self-contained ice manufacturing facilities can be established in any location that can be accessed by standard transport means.

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Shell Ice Manufacturing Facility
Berg will ensure that your plant’s needs for ice manufacturing are achieved.
Our design and engineering specialty staff will utilize the layout of your facility to build any solution to accommodate your request in refrigeration equipment.
Our service professionals will ensure your installation executes smoothly and efficiently.
The simplicity of operation and maintenance of the Berg Shell Ice Maker Ice Machine is its unique feature. Any mechanic with the basic knowledge of refrigeration cycles will be able to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Before leaving our plant, each machine is tested operated, and capacity checked. Refrigerant is pumped down into the receiver and valves are closed before shipment.
Occasionally, minor adjustments during start-up and operation are necessary to compensate for differences such as water pressure, water temperatures or ambient temperatures.
Whether you demand a couple tons of ice per day or tens of thousands, Berg Chilling systems has the equipment for you. We manufacture, service and distribute a broad range of standard and custom industrial/commercial / food grade shell/tube ice-making machines and conveying machinery.


  • 460 / 575 / 230 / 380 Volts, 60 / 50 Hz
  • 120 Volt Single Phase Control Voltage
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Operating and Fail Lights
  • UL or CSA Approved Components


Custom Engineered

Berg engineers work with you to custom design the shell ice maker facility that will meet your economic and functional needs.

24/7 Technical & Service Support

Berg is available to you 24/7 for technical and service support.

Energy Efficient

All of Berg’s shell ice manufacturing facilities come equipped with high system efficiency features.