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Custom Blown Film Coolers

For over 45 years, Berg continues to work with blown film industry manufacturers in gaining competitive advantages with Berg’s energy-efficient Blown Film Coolers (BFC).

Berg BFCs increase product output and quality while reducing costs and downtime. Every custom-engineered Berg Blown Film Cooler provides consistent all-season performance by precisely controlling the temperature, pressure, and quality of air supplied to the film bubble. Rugged Berg BFCs can be optimized for any blown film extrusion application, meeting or exceeding all industry requirements.


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We strive to respond to all enquiries within one business day.

    Custom Engineered

    Berg engineers work with you to custom design the industrial cooling system that will meet your economic and functional needs.

    24/7 Technical & Service Support

    Berg is available to you 24/7 for technical and service support.

    Energy Efficient

    All of Berg’s industrial refrigeration systems come equipped with high system efficiency features and high efficiency motors.

    Berg BFCs are available in standard models to meet the requirements of most blown film applications and can be customized as required:

    • Available in left and right-hand configurations 
    • Outlet air temperature can be as low as 5°C (41°F) 
    • Energy efficient coil design 
    • Rugged industrial design with few moving parts 
    • Limited maintenance required 
    • Enables exceptional blown film product quality 
    • Accepts both glycol and chilled water 
    • One year parts and labour warranty (Canada & Continental USA) 


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