Blown Film Coolers (BFC)

Blown Film Coolers (BFC)


Berg BFCs are available in standard models to meet the requirements of most blown film applications, and can be customized as required.
  • – Available in left and right-hand configurations
  • – Outlet air temperature can be as low as 5°C (41°F)
  • – Rugged industrial design with few moving parts
  • – Enables exceptional blown film product quality
  • – Limited maintenance required
  • – Energy efficient coil design
  • – Accepts both glycol and chilled water
  • – Rugged Industrial Quality
Berg BFCs are factory built and tested. Each BFC is assembled, insulated, piped, and wired on a painted structural steel frame. Pressure blowers can be inverter duty or have variable frequency drives allowing complete pressure and airflow control. Blowers are selected based on industry standards or specific process airflow and pressure requirements. The resulting system is a single, integrated package, ready for air line connections.

Maintain Precise Temperature Control
In applications where air temperature is crucial to sustaining a stable bubble and a high-quality product, Berg BFCs can be equipped with precision control valves that will closely regulate the cooling water/glycol temperature.

Custom designed by our experts and yours
No one knows your systems like your own systems people. That’s why we involve them in the design of your Berg Blown Film Cooling system, ensuring your custom engineered system precisely meets all your requirements and unique challenges.

Completely Controlled Air Quality
Berg BFCs can completely manage air quality. The standard package includes inlet air filters. Custom features can include mist elimination, condensate collection traps, blower inlet filters, and silencers. Ultra-pure HEPA filtration is also available.

Technical Specifications

Primary Blower

  • – Flanged or straight air inlet and outlet
  • – Top horizontal or vertical upblast air outlet
  • – NEMA premium efficiency
  • – 460/3/60 or 575/3/60 voltage

Coil Housing

  • – Heavy gauge stainless steel
  • – Filter access and drain fitting
  • – Fully insulated


  • – Each BFC comes equipped with three industrial
    analogue thermometers providing precise
    readings for outlet air and coolant supply and

Coolant Piping

  • – Carbon steel construction
  • – Bronze inlet & outlet ball valves
  • – Fully insulated


  • – Painted structural steel base frame
  • – Blower mounted on anti-vibration pads bolted /
    welded to base

Options and Accessories

  • – 3-way electronic coolant control valve for precise
    air temperature control to ±1°C (1.8°F)
  • – Stainless steel piping
  • – Blower inlet filter / silencer
  • – Variable speed drives
  • – Mixing boxes
  • – Demisters
  • – Condensate drain trap
  • – Additional temperature gauges or sensing ports
  • – Exhaust blower


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