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Ammonia Refrigeration Solutions

Ammonia is a cost-effective and widely available refrigerant that is popular in many industrial applications such as food processing, cold storage, and ice rinks, due to its high latent heat of vaporization and low boiling point. While ammonia has no ozone depletion potential and a global warming potential rating of zero, it can be toxic and flammable, which poses a safety risk if not handled properly. Despite these concerns, ammonia is still commonly used in large-scale refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Trained professionals typically handle ammonia in a closed system to minimize the risk of leaks or exposure.

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With Berg, you can be assured that your ammonia cooling systems and other industrial ammonia systems are operating at their best while minimizing its health and safety risks as much as possible.

Have total control of your ammonia ice rink system with Berg’s Ice Rink Controller.

Berg’s refrigeration experts have taken ice rink temperature control to a whole new level. The Berg Ice Rink Controller enables clients to have ultimate control over their ammonia ice rink refrigeration system while meeting their economic and functional challenges. With the clients’ needs at the heart of every Berg solution, the Ice Rink Controller is custom-designed to address each facility’s unique operational challenges.

System Highlights:

  • Standard 12” HMI screen
  • Designed and optimized for your rink's specific needs in collaboration with your in-house experts
  • Customized system operation screens and password-protected screens for operator-configured values and service set-up
  • Time-stamped active alarm & history screens
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Energy-saving efficiency
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We are always here for you for any of your ammonia service needs.

Berg's ammonia refrigeration experts are available 24/7, all year round, and can service your system anywhere in the world. We take pride in offering flexible maintenance programs, whether it’s preventative maintenance or on-call service. In addition, we provide an extensive range of services for your ammonia refrigeration system, including:

  • Seasonal system start-up/shutdown
  • Ammonia Recovery services
  • Ammonia refrigeration system service (on-call) and troubleshooting
  • Turnkey construction & system retrofits
  • Preventative and ongoing maintenance (monthly, annual)
  • Installation, factory testing and commissioning

Berg’s Indoor Ammonia Refrigeration System chosen for a Packaged Foods Facility

Berg Industrial Service was chosen by a packaged foods facility in Paris, Ontario to support the facility’s new spiral line freezer. The ammonia system had a cooling capacity of 244TR at –40F.

Through Berg’s custom built-up ammonia chilling system, the company was able to preserve packaged chicken products in a more productive, energy efficient way.


Ammonia Safety

Ammonia is an energy-efficient and cost-effective refrigerant but must be properly handled and maintained. Berg puts the health and safety of our customers and employees as its biggest priority when working on your ammonia systems. We ensure that at every step of our process, ammonia safety is maintained.

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Ammonia Recovery Unit (ARU)

Industries using ammonia as a refrigerant in their chilling system recognize the need to eliminate poorly designed and unreliable jury-rigged recovery systems. Replacing them with Berg’s purpose-built ARU allows ammonia recovery with less risk of leak or accident during the process.

System Highlights:

  • Recovers and liquifies refrigeration ammonia for storage and returns stored ammonia to the refrigeration system, as needed
  • Processes up to 89.9 lbs of ammonia per hour
  • Portable design fits through standard production plant doorways
  • Touch screen HMI eases and speeds operation
  • Safety and performance built-in with PLC controls, and properly selected components and fittings for your operation
  • Open-type reciprocating compressor provides years of worry-free operation
  • Operates in any industrial environment, and draws only 30 amps at 230 volt, 1 phase power supply
  • 25 feet of power cord with integrated rack for easy hook up and storage

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