Ice Rink Controller

Having great ice is paramount to the success of your recreational rink facility. With the Berg Ice Rink Controller, you can be assured that your rink is always ready for your community to enjoy. 

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Berg HMI for Idlerton Arena Berg HMI Screen Close-Up of Berg HMI for Idlerton Arena
Berg HMI for Idlerton Arena Berg HMI Screen Close-Up of Berg HMI for Idlerton Arena
Ice Rink Controller

For over 45 years, Berg has provided ice rink temperature control solutions to achieve superior curling and skating ice surfaces for the global ice rink equipment market. 

Berg’s refrigeration experts have taken ice rink temperature control to a whole new level. The Berg Ice Rink Controller enables clients to have ultimate control over their ice rink refrigeration system while meeting their economic and functional challenges. With the clients’ needs at the heart of every Berg solution, the Ice Rink Controller is custom-designed to address each facility’s unique operational challenges.  

Berg Ice Rink Controller

  • Standard 12” HMI screen
  • Designed for your rink's specific needs in collaboration with your in-house experts
  • Optimized for your facility
  • Ultimate control of various system components
  • Customized system operation screens and password-protected screens for operator-configured values and service set-up
  • Time-stamped active alarm & history screens
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Energy-saving efficiency
  • 24/7 expert service


Berg Ice Rink Controller

  • Schneider Electric M172 programmable controller
  • 12" HMI colour touch screen
  • Standard NEMA 4 rated electrical enclosure
  • CSA-approved
  • Prewired terminal strip for easier field installation
  • Customizable control programs
  • Can be set-up to use existing system temperature and pressure signals
  • New temperature and pressure sensors can be supplied with the controller package
  • Adjustable system program variables from password-protected HMI screens
  • Real-time clock feature
  • Displays pressure and temperature for the facility and refrigeration system
  • I/O status screen of inputs and outputs for troubleshooting
  • Multiple compressor lead/lag control
  • Ice pad temperature setpoint scheduler
  • Logic for control of system ice pad pumps, system pumps, and fans
  • Analog modulating output for VFD control of pumps and fans
  • Compressors run-time display
  • Emergency stop input
  • General alarm relay output
  • System run output
  • Trending screens for pressures and temperatures
  • Data logging of system conditions
  • WEB Gate Ethernet access



Berg Ice Rink Controller for Idlerton Arena

Berg HMI Screen


Custom Engineered

Berg engineers work with you to custom design the ice rink controller that will meet your economic and functional needs.

24/7 Technical & Service Support

Berg is available to you 24/7 for technical and service support.

Energy Efficient

All of Berg’s ice rink controllers come equipped with high system efficiency features.