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Custom Water-Cooled Packaged Chiller Solution

Gulf Chemical Chooses Berg Chilling’s Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Industrial Applications

photo of Gulf Chemical's Berg Chiller

Berg Chilling Systems Inc., a pioneering designer and manufacturer of custom and portable chillers for world-wide sales and distribution, was selected by Gulf Chemical to provide two chillers capable of pre-cooling a wet SO2 gas stream, removing condensed moisture and then liquefying the gas for storage. Custom solutions met Gulf Chemical’s precise application needs.

For the first stage, Berg supplied a water-cooled packaged chiller with moisture separator and reheater. Saturated SO2 gas is cooled which causes the water vapour to condense. Moisture is then removed in the moisture separator and the SO2 gas is reheated to re-evaporate any remaining moisture using heat rejected from the compressor.

“We’re willing and more than able to deliver solutions that push us. Over our almost 40 years, we’ve been the architect of solutions where none were thought to exist,” explains Chris West, P.Eng. “We confidently approach jobs we know our competition won’t touch. In fact, we’ve served clients in over 50 countries.”

The gas then flows through a desiccant drier before being liquefied in a separate chiller. Since the desiccant drier adds heat, the SO2 has to be cooled again so it can be stored as liquid. In the second stage, the cooling system comprises of an air-cooled packaged chiller designed to cool the SO2 for long-term storage and transportation. There are two operating modes: condensing SO2 gas from process and sub-cooling SO2 liquid recirculated from the storage tank.

“For this client, SO2 is a by-product of their process. In the past it may have been vented to the atmosphere but now it is recoverable and can be put into a form that can be sold,” West points out. “Once the SO2 is liquefied, it can be sold for use in many industrial processes. As you can imagine, there is a huge demand for SO2 and for this process in particular. Our clients have the added assurance that every Berg solution is rigorously tested against the toughest quality control standards in the industry.”

For 45 years, Berg Chilling Systems has served the cooling needs of diverse industries such as manufacturing, food & beverage, oil & gas, recreational ice, and transportation. Berg’s collaborative approach brings Berg professionals and client professionals together to produce custom engineered solutions specific for each application.

The company’s field and in-house engineers apply unmatched expertise to fully understand and satisfy customers’ cooling challenges. Berg’s custom-designed cooling solutions yield maximum efficiency and cost savings immediately and over the long term. Clients trust Berg expertise to make the difference between adequate and excellent.

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