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Project Spotlight: Custom Chiller Tank System | Lucid Corp

In 2022, Berg significantly contributed to Lucid Corporation’s new extrusion rolling facility by designing and supplying a high-capacity Stainless Steel Tower Tank System with an 8000-gallon capacity.

This advanced system incorporates three tower pumps, including one as a backup, and three process pumps, also with one backup. These pumps are crucial for maintaining a continuous circulation of water from the reservoir to the tower cells, back to the reservoir, and through the process equipment. The design ensures stable flow rates and pressure, which are essential for the operational stability, efficiency, and safety of the facility. Moreover, the ability to adjust flow rates allows for flexibility without affecting the chiller’s performance.

An integral feature of the system is the automatic switchover mechanism for both the tower and process pumps. This innovation prevents any pump from remaining idle for extended periods, thereby enhancing the system’s longevity and reliability, ensuring consistent operation, and minimizing wear and tear.

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