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Enhancing Industrial Efficiency with Air-Cooled Chillers Across Different Sectors

Enhancing Industrial Efficiency with Air-Cooled Chillers Across Different Sectors

Air-cooled chillers are vital cooling systems that significantly enhance operational efficiency across various industries due to their simple installation and cost-effectiveness. These systems facilitate heat transfer from process water to the ambient air, making them ideal for scenarios where water availability is limited. Air cooled chillers have become indispensable across numerous sectors, aiding in cooling large buildings and ensuring chemical processes remain within optimal temperature ranges.

Outdoor Air Cooled Chiller System for a Dairy Products Corporation

Building & Construction

In the construction industry, air-cooled chillers are crucial for maintaining comfortable indoor environments within large structures. Integrated with HVAC systems, they regulate indoor temperatures, enhancing occupant comfort irrespective of external conditions. Their efficiency in transferring heat to the outside air, coupled with ease of installation, contributes to their widespread use in this sector. Berg has equipped a cutting-edge automotive research facility with a sophisticated Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWT). Designed to mimic a broad spectrum of environmental conditions, this tunnel facilitates comprehensive vehicle testing. It includes six variable-capacity process chillers, enabling the facility to perform precise thermal evaluations under consistent conditions. This advancement ensures superior accuracy in automotive development. Discover more about this groundbreaking project and Berg’s contributions to automotive testing innovation.

Chemical & Petro-chemical

Air-cooled chillers are vital in chemical and petrochemical plants for cooling equipment and processes involved in various chemical reactions and operations. They maintain precise temperatures crucial for safety and efficiency during various operations. By mitigating heat generated in chemical reactions, these chillers prevent equipment overheating and reduce the risk of thermal runaway reactions, offering adaptable installation and operational capabilities suitable for diverse applications within these industries.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry heavily relies on air-cooled chillers to cool ingredients, machinery, and final products, playing a vital role in maintaining quality and safety standards. In 2022, Berg specifically engineered an outdoor air-cooled chiller for a food sauces production company to enhance production efficiency and product quality. Whether it's dairy processing, brewery operations, or food packaging, air-cooled chillers provide efficient and reliable cooling solutions tailored to the specific needs of the food and beverage industry.


Air cooled chillers benefit manufacturing facilities significantly by maintaining optimal temperatures for machinery, ensuring consistent quality and production efficiency. In 2022, Berg developed a custom central chilling system for a skincare manufacturer, which recirculated water through kettle mixers to enhance process efficiency.

Custom outdoor air-cooled ice rink chiller
Custom outdoor air-cooled ice rink chiller

Recreational Sport

In recreational sports facilities like ice rinks, air-cooled chillers maintain excellent ice surface conditions, ensuring safety and enjoyment for participants. Berg’s recent project in 2022 involved supplying a skid-mounted, indoor air cooled system for a hockey arena, emphasizing environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

Natural Resources

Industries related to natural resources, such as mining and forestry, rely on air-cooled chillers to cool equipment and processes in challenging environments. These chillers help maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of equipment in demanding conditions. Berg designed and supplied an air cooled packaged chiller in 2020 that conditions wellhead gas for a gas processing in Egypt. Whether it's cooling machinery in mining operations, forestry processing facilities, or gas processing plants, air-cooled chillers provide effective cooling solutions tailored to the unique requirements of natural resource industries.


Essential for cooling critical transportation infrastructure, air-cooled chillers enhance the performance and reliability of systems from locomotives to commercial trains. They manage optimal temperature levels, preventing system overloads and potential failures by efficiently removing heat generated during operation. Whether it's cooling engines, hydraulic systems, or passenger compartments, air-cooled chillers offer reliable cooling solutions tailored to the specific needs of the transportation industry.


In the pharmaceutical sector, precise temperature control provided by air-cooled chillers is crucial for effective chemical reactions and maintaining product stability during manufacturing processes. Berg replaced an outdated low-temperature chiller for a pharmaceutical in 2022 by custom-designing an outdoor packaged chiller with an integrated air cooled condenser.

Versatile Air Cooled Chiller Applications Across Extended Industries

Skid Outdoor Air-cooled ammonia condensing unit
Skid Outdoor Air-cooled ammonia condensing unit

Beyond these industries, air-cooled chillers enhance process and facility efficiency in other sectors including electronics manufacturing, where precise temperature control is critical to prevent hardware damage and ensure high-quality production. Air cooled chillers are also increasingly used in data centers to prevent server overheating, ensuring uninterrupted operation, and in biotechnology, where they support controlled environments for critical research and development activities. In the plastics industry, they are used to cool injection and blow molding machines, ensuring high-quality plastic production. This versatility underlines their capability to adapt to various industrial processes and facilities, making them a cornerstone of modern industrial cooling solutions.

With Berg, you're not just getting an air cooled chiller; you're getting a partner committed to your success.

With over 50 years of experience, Berg provides innovative and effective cooling solutions known for their efficiency and reliability. We understand the unique challenges of industrial refrigeration and our team of experts is dedicated to enhancing our client’s industrial cooling processes through customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. From initial consultation to installation and ongoing support, Berg partners with you every step of the way, ensuring a refrigeration system that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether it's pharmaceutical production or ice rink facilities, Berg's expertise delivers unmatched cost-effectiveness and operational excellence.

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